Working For Us

Working For Us

We think it’s important to start right out letting you know that we made a choice to be better, not bigger.

We’ve found that because we’re very selective, everyone is happier. Most important, if you do choose a career with Windermere, we want the experience to be everything you hope for.

If you do join us, you will find that we are a collection of interesting, passionate, committed people who truly believe in building vibrant and livable communities.

There’s one other thing we should point out to you, salespeople need not apply. Selling is certainly part of what we do; but it is a small part of who we are. We choose to think of ourselves as advisers, advocates, experts, counselors, friends, neighbors and the occasional gadfly. We are relentless in the pursuit of helping people realize their dreams, which is a far more interesting and ultimately rewarding notion.

If you are still reading, we should probably talk. But first, stay a while and more about this State of Mind called Windermere. Feel free to call or email me for more information. or call me at 208-794-6318.

Jason Smith, Designated Broker,

Windermere Real Estate Professionals